Sunday, May 29, 2011

Magnificent 1950s Majestic Mid Century Lamp

Among American mid century lighting, one company stands out for its incredibly playful and over-the-top designs, and that is Majestic Lamp Co. of New York.  Very little is known about the company - we do know it was sold in 1963 - but their legacy lives on in their terrific (but very difficult to find) lamps.

This example features dual shades that are supported by a brass rod extending out of a thick plastic base.  The base and rod are in excellent vintage condition.

The original shades are made of a plastic-like material.  The threading on both shades is fraying a bit and should be repaired.  Please also note the small burn mark on the top of one shade.

The lamp works well and is ready to provide a "Wow!" factor to your decor.

28 1/2" tall, 28" wide, 14" deep.

SOLD.  Thanks, Harold @ Surrey, British Columbia - Canada!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pair of Thonet Bentwood Chairs

Do you like Eames bentwood chairs but don't have the hundreds of dollars to buy one (let alone a pair)?  Then check out this great pair of bentwood chairs by well-known manufacturer Thonet.

The chairs feature excellent design elements, including sculptured back, splayed legs, and gently tapered legs that finish in a brass-capped foot.  Oh, and there is also a convenient handle at the top of the back.

The red vinyl upholstery is in excellent condition, save for a couple of pin-dot holes in the seat.

18" wide, 20" deep, 31" high.

SOLD.  Thanks, Steve @ West Loop Studio!

Pair of Danish Modern Teak Upholstered Chairs

Here is a nice pair of teak arm chairs.  Great 1960s upholstery with colors that will nicely accent your vintage decor - especially if you have other teak pieces.  The chairs have a gently curved back and graceful arms. 

The chairs are strong and sturdy - and very comfortable.  There are a couple spots on the upholstery - you can have them cleaned or reupholster to a fabric of your choice.

23" wide, 23" deep, 32" high.

SOLD.  Thanks, Ben @ Chicago! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Milo Baughman Cantilevered Captain's Chair

This chair commands attention (and admiration), both for its wonderful design and large size.

Although the chair is unsigned and manufacturer unknown, the design is very much in the manner of Milo Baughman.  The previous owner noted the chair was made in Italy, but that has not been verified.

A chromed solid steel (and thick steel, too!) cantilevered base supports a softly angular seat/back with armrests.  Lots of padding throughout combined with its large size makes this an extremely comfortable chair - one you can sleep in.

The upholstery appears to be original, and in good vintage condition.  There are several pulls to the fabric on the back of the chair which are unseen if the chair is placed against a wall.  The upholstery is certainly serviceable as-is, but reupholstering the chair could make it look stunning.  If the buyer wishes, I'm happy to recommend an excellent - and extremely affordable - upholstery firm which specializes in mid-century furniture.

Note: the upholstery appears dirty in the pics, which resulted from the direction of the nap of the fabric and the lighting.  Rest assured it is not dirty. 

The chrome base is in excellent condition, and the chair is extremely solid and sturdy - and heavy!  A quality piece of furniture.

36" wide, 33" deep, 38" tall, 15" from floor to seat.

SOLD!  Thanks, Christa @ Hanover Park!

1960s Danish Modern Desk with Bookshelves by Lane

What an absolutely terrific desk!

One sees lots of accent and coffee tables manufactured by Lane, but desks are a different story.  Same great Lane design and craftsmanship, but in an elegant and functional desk.  Just how often do you find bookshelves in your desk?

While the back of many desks are designed to never see the light of day, this one screams for exposure with a finished back and the curvelinear bookshelves that can display all your neat reads.  Position it anywhere in a room and enjoy its wonderful profile.

Solid hardwoods throughout, the desk features one small drawer and one large drawer that will hold files.  Gently splayed brass-colored steel legs.  Great original drawer pulls.

Sturdy and solid - the desk is very heavy.  Drawers slide easily.  The finish does have scuffs and scrapes - especially the top - but no deep scratches.

44" wide, 22 1/2" deep, 30" high.

Gotcha Modern! gladly provides free delivery of the desk within 15 miles of zipd code 60625.

SOLD.  Thanks, Erika @ Chicago!

Antique Hickory Stick Rocking Chair

Fans and followers of Gotcha Modern! know that while most much of our focus is on mid-century furniture and decorative items, we often will feature items from other design periods and styles.  Good design knows no time and place!

So it is with this fantastic antique hickory stick rocking chair.  An ingenious design consisting of just two basic elements: natural hickory and steel (as in nails).  Simple and elegant, and not just in a rustic sense.  Like to combine period styles in your decor?  This chair screams to be part of the show.  And if you have a cabin in the north woods?  Here is the piece de resistance.

Manufactured by Old Grand Pappy Greggs of Alum Bank, Pennsylvania - a company likely long out of business.  The chair is of excellent quality - outstanding craftsmanship throughout. It's very comfortable, and is extremely solid and sturdy.  This is a piece of furntiure you'll pass down to your children or grandchildren!

The chair is in fantastic, almost new condition - yet retains a lovely old patina. It obviously was not used much. Excellent quality and outstanding craftsmanship throughout.

44" high, 32" deep, 22" wide.

SOLD.  Thanks, Jen @ Galena, Illinois!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hippiest Hippie Outfit You'll Ever See

Although Gotcha Modern! specializes in mid-century furniture and decorative items, we'll occasionally expand our horizons a bit when we uncover an especially intriguing piece.  Such is the case with this vintage 1960s California hippie outfit.

Take a look at the ensemble.  Kind of leaves you speechless, huh?  In fact, it speaks for itself...and loudly, too!

Made by "Jilly of California."  Vintage 1960s/70s.  Appears to be 100% polyester and looks like it was never worn or washed.  The colors are rich and vibrant.  Button closure down the front.

Sizing?  Well, the model in the picture is 5'9" and wears a size 4.  If you'd like specific measurements, I'm happy to take them for you.

It's never to early to start planning this year's Halloween costume!


Bright Yellow Casalino Child's Chair

Are you trying to instill in your pre-school age son or daughter a love of mid-century design?  Or might you be searching for hip vintage seating for your stuffed animal(s)?  This chair will provide a stylish solution to either challenge.

Designed by Alexander Begge for Casalino, this child's chair offers loads of design.  A cantilevered appearance...soft, rounded, organic construction.  Oh, these chairs are stackable (in case you ever pick up another...and another).

 The chair is made of molded plastic and is in excellent vintage condition.  A happy bright yellow color, too!

14" wide, 13" deep, and 20" high.  Signed Casalino O.

Even small toddlers and teddy bears can enjoy great design!

SOLD.  Thanks, Bill @ Chicago!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

1970s Bright and Colorful Carpet

Get ready for some color!  Bursting forth with colors that are as bright and vibant as the date it was made, this carpet is ready to punch up a room.  Terrific design, too. What do you see?  An eye?  A spinning top?  A UFO?

The carpet has a relative short pile (not like its shag rug cousins of the 70s), which gives a crisp and bit more polished appearance - and make it easier to clean, too.

Oh, and it's a great size:  52" square (or just over four feet square).

Good vintage condition.  A few pulls here and there, and a bit of fraying at a couple of the edges.  No smells or stains.  Ready to lay on the floor and for you to enjoy.

SOLD.  Thanks, Don @ Chicago!

Danish Modern Smaller Chest of Drawers

Do you need ample storage space in a small space?  This smaller dresser just may fit the bill - and with a modernist flair.

Made by the B.P. John Furniture Co. of Portland, Oregon, the dresser is very well-constructed.  Walnut veneers over hardwood secondary woods.  Dovetailed drawers.  Wood backing.  Metal pulls.  Tapered legs.  Nice.

Good vintage condition.  The drawers slide nice and easy.

Perhaps the best part is the dresser's compact size:  19" D x 30 1/2" H x 32" W.

SOLD.  Thanks, Bob @ Highland Park!