Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rembrandt Mauve and Gold Lamp that Screams 1960s/70s

Want to add a stylish splash of 60s/70s color and design to your decor?  This lamp may be the ticket.

Manufactured (and signed, by the way) by noted lighting manufacturer Rembrandt, the lamp features mauve tones again a gray stem base with brass accents throughout. The large shade features red and white specs on a gray background (any Ohio State fans out there?) with shag-like carpeting adorning the top of the shade.  Kind of screams 60s/70s, you know?

The base has a bit of oxidation, the shade has a few stains, and the shag top is faded.  Apart from that, the lamp works well and is ready to brighten you day - literally and figuratively.

SOLD.  Thanks, Linda @ Evanston!

1960s Modernist Wall Art by House of Ran Su

The manufacturer of this impressive modernist wall hanging is the House of Ran Su.  Alas, very little is known about the House, or about Mr. or Mrs. Su, if such a person existed.  What we do know is that the House of Ran Su created some spectacular modernist art.  We also know that they gravitated toward Carribean and/or Hawaiian themes, and this piece is an excellent example of the former.  Kind of just makes you want to get up and dance, no?

The piece incorporates a variety of artistic media:  a caned outer frame borders a steel frame, which encloses figures made out of wood playing drums and dancing.  It appears the figures are hand painted, and everything is affixed to a strong board.

The title of the work is "...Calypso Dancer and Drummer."  Signed en verso.

Dimensions:  22" wide and 36" long.

Very good vintage condition.  There is some wear to the caning (especially on the corners), and one very small dent in the picture.

Gotcha Modern! has seen similar Ran Su pieces sell in NYC for hundreds of dollars - in fact, our research uncovered an example very similar to this piece priced at $500.  Don't be discouraged - Gotcha Modern! retains a Midwestern sensibility regarding the economics of great design. :)

SOLD.  Thanks, Martin @ Brooklyn, NY!

Danish Teak and Cane Side Table by Selig

Good design comes in all shapes and sizes.  And, uncovering great vintage design in the wild sometimes means acquiring specimens that have experienced a few ups and downs in their lifetime.  Even though some pieces are a bit more than "gently used," their good design shines through.

Such is the case with this excellent Danish teak side table manufactured for Selig, the design of which is sometimes attributed to Ib Kofod Larsen.  Nice slight raised edges, gentely tapered legs, a caned lower shelf, and wonderful proportions throughout. Everything you'd expect from a well-respected Danish design house.

As you can see from the pics, the caning is not perfect - although it easily supports magazines and you could leave it as is.  The top has some dings but, again, it could easily be used as-is.  If you enjoy DIY projects, however, this might be a fun - and worthwhile - project.

30" long, 18" wide, 20 1/2" high.

SOLD.  Thanks, Sheerine @ Chicago!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mint 1960s Danish Modern Wall Clock

Over the next few weeks, Gotcha Modern! will offer a number of wall clocks from the 1950s and 60s. 

Whether battery-powered or wind-up, a vintage clock serves a wonderful dual purpose:  not only does it provide a neat mid-century statement to your decor, it also tells time - kind a of quaint notion in our uber-connected society where mobile phones have rendered watches and clocks somewhat passe.

Gotcha Modern!, of course, resists such urges to do away with more traditional methods to keeping time.  Every good home needs a prominent wall or shelf clockm, and this clock is more than up to the challenge.

What a wonderful design to this Danish modern clock.  Manufactured by Welby and battery-powered, the clock features diamond-shaped walnut accents affixed at the end of brass rods extending from the back of the clock.  The face of the clock is also brass.  The walnut brown contrasts beautifully with the gold tone of the brass.

The best thing about the clock?  It looks like it just came out of the box.  Mint condition, which is understandably rare for a 40-year old piece.

29" high, 17" wide, and 2 1/2" deep.

Works well, and is ready to hang.

SOLD.  Thanks, Stephanie @ Chicago!

Pair of 1960s Jumping Jesters Wall Plaques

Do you have wall space that needs a dose of fun and frivolity?  Indeed, don't we all?

The solution?  Allow these two court jesters to entertain your kingdom.

A pair of higher quality 1960s wall plaques consisting of steel plates floating on a wood frame.  One jester is black and silver, and the other is white and silver.

Near mint vintage condition.  Signed "Robin" in the lower right of each plaque.  Fit for a king or queen and ready to hang.

28" high and 13" wide. 

SOLD.  Thanks, Jeff @ Providence, Rhode Island!

Large 1950s Pink Flamingo Mirror

Nothing says 1950s glam like a pink flamingo mirror.  Fix your 'doo, check your get-up, and admire yourself in style.

The mirror features beveled glass, and is in very good vintage condition.  A nice large size, it's ready to hang and make a statement.

32 1/2" wide x 26 1/2/ high.

SOLD.  Thanks, Vanessa @ Evanston!