Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Antique 19th Century English Quarter Sewn Oak Cabinet

Every now and then Gotcha Modern! presents an item that departs from our mid century focus, and this wonderful cabinet is an example.

Made and brought from England (by way of Canada) early in the last century, this nifty cabinet was outfitted with four deep drawers that make it a very functional piece of furniture - perhaps in a bedroom, dining room, or living room.

The wood is beautiful quarter-sewn oak.  The cabinet sits on four turned "short" legs, and the hardware is original.

Sold.  Thanks, Kate @ Chicago!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

1960s Danish Modern Walnut Lounge Chair - manner of Finn Juhl

Not much to say about this chair - the pictures and condition tell the story!

Just a gorgeous Danish modern walnut lounge chair.  The design is the manner of the famed Danish designer Finn Juhl, with the gently curving arm rests, tapered legs, and sloping backrest. 

Outstanding original condition.  The cushions appear to have the original fabric, with just some minor fraying on one corner.

Comfortable as can be - just a knock-out chair!

29" high x 24" deep x 33" high

Sold.  Thanks, Victoria @ Chicago!

Lawrence Peabody For Nemschoff 1960s Mid Century Love Seat

As followers of Gotcha Modern! know, we are big fans of Lawrence Peabody.  If you are unfamiliar with Peabody's designs, you owe it to yourself to check out - and admire! - his significant body of work.  We recently featured a couple of his fiberglass glass chairs for Selig, and now we're excited to list a piece he designed for Richardson-Nemschoff.

Peabody chairs are seen somewhat regularly, but Peabody sofas are rather scarce - including this dynamite love seat.  This piece came out of an estate with a pair of his upholstered barrel back chairs (in the same fabric!) that you may see on Gotach Modern! soon. 

The love seat has a great angular lines - so very 1960s.  Can't you just see Don Draper splayed on this baby thinking up a catchy slogan?  Peabody also designed an upholstered chair to go along with the love seat with the same great lines.

The love seat is structurally sound and solid.  The fabric appears original, and probably should be replaced, although in a pinch it could suffice.  The foam in the cushions is dry and brittle and should be replaced, too (a very easy thing to do if you want to want to keep the green upholstery).

Perfect size for a studio or where a full size sofa is just, well, too full size!

A wonderful design by a top American designer - at an equally impressive Gotcha Modern! price (check out Peabody's designs - and prices - on 1stdibs). :)

44" long x 28" deep x 33 12" tall

Delivery is available.

SOLD.  Thanks, Sarah @ Chicago!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gotcha Modern's Festival of Mid Century Pendant Lamps!

There is nothing better than a chic pendant lamp to add a dash of mid century flare to your home.  Simple.  Sophisticated. 

Gotcha Modern! is happy to announce our Festival of Mid Century Pendant Lamps with the four fine examples below.  All would fit right in to a vintage-loving home - and all are oh-so-more-interesting than the boring new pendant lamps popping up at trendy modern shops.

Oh, did we mention each is less than $100?  High style and affordability do go together!

See the listings below for each lamp.


Large Scandanvian Striped Ball Pendant Lamp

Presenting the opening number in Gotcha Modern's! Festival of Pendant Lamps!

What a beauty!  If your taste leans Scandinavian, this lamp may have your name on it.

A nice large example - perhaps to hang above your Grete Jalk dining table? - with a beautiful proportion.

High quality construction, and the lamp also includes the original canopy.

18" in diameter, and 18" tall.

Working, complete, and ready to hang....and impress all who see it!

Oh, and that unsightly white line running down the lamp in the picture?  Doesn't exist - just a devilish camera glare!

SOLD.  Thanks, Jeff @ Chicago!

Mid Century Pendant Lamp with Lucite and Brass Fittings

Here we have lamp #2 in Gotcha Modern's! Festival of Pendant Lamps!

The cute lamp has traces of Scandanavian influence, but is an example of American mid century design.

Four lucite panels surround the bulbs, and brass accents abound in the design.

Very 1970s chic!

Working, but missing a couple of the decorative brass accent knobs, but I bet no one will ever notice!

SOLD.  Thanks, Mike @ Merrilville, Indiana!

Wood and Glass Tic-Tac-Toe Mid Century Pendant Lamp

Introducing lamp #3 in Gotcha Modern's! Festival of Pendant Lamps!

Love, love, LOVE! this lamp.  We call it the Tic-Tac-Toe! :)

It would stand out in a mid-century abode, but would also not be out of place in an arts and crafts setting (think those classic Chicago bungalows).

The wood appears to be maple.  The glass shades are in good condition, although one panel is chipped.

25" square and 12" tall.

Working, complete, and reading to make a statement!

SOLD.  Thanks, Dean @ Morton Grove!

Mod 1970s Pendant Lamp with Brass & Tortoise Shell Bangles

Get ready for lamp #4 in Gotcha Modern's! Festival of Pendant Lamps!

This cool-as-a-cucumber lamp is straight out of a 1970s hipster pad - and ready to liven up your digs.

The lamp features what is best described at tortoise-shell bangles with brass borders.  Makes for funky, kinda psychadelic appeareance when turned on.

13" in diameter and 11" tall.

Working, complete, and ready to hang!

SOLD.  Thanks, Dean @ Morton Grove!