Friday, December 30, 2011

Massive 1960s Witco Tiki Wall Art - Viking Ship

Massive.  Colossal.  Maybe even gargantuan?  

No matter what "sizeable" adjective you choose, this fantastic piece of 1960s Witco wall art will fit the description.  The piece is 63 1/2" wide (ahem, that's over 5 feet), and 33" tall (nearly 3 feet).  Now, that's a lot of art!

Witco (short for the Western International Trading Company) imported a variety of decorative objects from the South Pacific before hitting on the popular carved art and furniture for which they are famous.  The production plant for the art work was in Mt. Vernon, Washington, and the company used primarily red cedar (which was stained a dark walnut) for their wood-based creations.

The piece is in excellent original condition.  The orange canvas-like background still possesses vibrant color and is free from stains.  The frame has a few small bumps and bruises from normal wear.

If your inner-Tiki is calling you, you've found the piece de resistance.  It comes ready to hang and enjoy!

SOLD.  Thanks, Sam @ Columbus, Ohio!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1970s Benjamin Chee Chee Modernist Print - Good Morning!

Benjamin Chee Chee - born in Ontario, Canada - was an indigenous artist whose paintings transcended the more traditional native paitning style aesthethic toward one influenced by modern abstraction.  Active in the 60s and 70s, Chee Chee's technique combined indigenous themes with a style more representative of international modern art. 

Tragically killed at age 32, Chee Chee left a limited, but influential, body of work for us to enjoy.

This print - titled "Good Morning!" - is an excellent representation of his modernist technique.  He often used Canadian Geese as subjects in his paintings, incorporating their symbolism of indigeneous peoples and of Canada, and their natural motion.

The print is matted and set in a nice wood frame.  It's ready to hang and enjoy.

30 1/2"  x  24 1/2"

SOLD.  Thanks, Bob @ Cincinnati, OH!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

1950s Canadian Modern Bent Plywood Chairs

In some ways, Canadian designers of mid-century furniture were a couple steps ahead of their south-of-the border counterparts, but they have never received the acclaim garnered by their American contemporaries - think A.J. Donahue, Russell Spanner, and Jan Kuypers (ok, so Kuypers was born in the Netherlands, but most his career was spent in Canada).

This wonderful pair of chairs comes out of the Canadian modernist movement, and one can see design similarities to Spanner's and Kuypers' work.

Made of rock-solid maple and bent plywood, the chairs feature a gently curved seat and back set within an angular frame.  Note the sloping armrests over the the splayed legs, and the subtle slope of the seat (to make you nice and comfortable).  The original vinyl upholstery (color: fuscia/salmon) is in excellent condition - no rips or tears - just needs a good cleaning.  The bottom of the legs still possess their steel glides.  Structurally sound and solid (and heavy!), these are well-made and well-designed chairs.  They'd make wonderful accent chairs, and would be right at home at the dining table, too (easy to clean upholstery).

The chairs are signed on the back - Canadian Office and School Furniture Company.

Three (3) chairs are available, although only two are shown.

Add a splash of cosmopolitan chic to your decor with conversation-inducing Canadian modernist chairs!

SOLD.  Thanks, Sheldon @ Chicago!

Vintage 1950s Modernist Floor Lamp with Fiberglass Shade & Butterfly Motif

Wow.  Double Wow.

Those expressions nicely sum up this incredible 1950s floor lamp.  Not much else to say, is there?  Oh, there is one more thing:  the lamp is in near-mint condition.  Just a fantastic all around piece.

Brass-plated steel frame.  Great splayed legs with ball feet and cubist diamond design in the middle.  Fiberglass shade with butterfly motif throughout.  Pull chain for on/off.

Works well.

60" tall (five feet!) and 11" in diameter.

How happy would your favorite mid century modern afficianado be to find this lamp gracing their holiday decor? ;)


Pair of Robert Van Allen 1970s Modernist Screen Prints - City Scene & Forest

A couple months ago Gotcha Modern! offered a single Bob Van Allen screen print - which appears to be from the same line/era as these two - that is still available.  Offered now are two more Van Allen prints - with the collection of three (or even two) you'd have a nice start on a Van Allen collection! 

Van Allen was a rather prolific designer of home furnishings from the 1960s until 1983, when he passed away at the tender age of 44.  His designs ranged from textiles (think bed linens, table covers, and screen print art) to dinnerware and lighting fixtures.  He desinged china for Mikasa and flatware for Stanley Roberts, among other companies.

Van Allen remains a relatively obsure designer whose designs - often colorful, whimsical, and fun - remain underappreciated.

These two prints feature (1) a city scene, and (2) a forest scene.  Both are signed "Robert Van Allen" in the lower left corner.

City scene:  18" x 36".  Canvas in good condition with a faint water stain running from top to bottom.
Forest scene: 18" square.  Canvas in very good condition

Start your Bob Van Allen collection today with these groovy prints and be ahead of the curve in your appreciation of this modern designer.

SOLD!  Thanks, Cassie @ Chicago!